So, I found this blog post on President James E. Faust’s long-time commitment to liberalism. I had known he was a Democrat, but not much beyond that. I came across this five years after the fact…but it’s a timely find. In this rather contentious (and corrosive) political climate, it’s good to be reminded that the Lord’s Kingdom on the Earth should not be so monolithic as to destroy diversity of opinion. Here’s a former member of the First Presidency saying that the qualities valued by those of us Mormons on the political left of the spectrum do indeed have value in the Gospel. I, along with others who do not bow down to the Great Elephant, am tired of being “called to repentance” by my conservative sisters and brothers in the Gospel. Although I am disappointed with the Democratic Party and feel it has markedly drifted towards the right, I’m pleased to know that one of the Lord’s most trusted servants of the last fifty years held similar views to the ones I have developed as I have striven to grow closer to the Lord and serve my fellow creatures with fuller purpose of heart.

I especially love the quote from this blog that reads:

“I am liberal in terms of human values and human rights.” “I believe what it says in the Book of Mormon, that the Lord values all of his children equally – black and white, bond and free, male and female, Jew and gentile – and that the Lord likewise has compassion for the heathen.”

The roots of tolerance are humility and love…qualities I always felt President Faust embodied.